Teach With Us

If you would like to teach with us (now or in the future) please contact us via info@redstars.com.au. We are a flexible, inclusive employer and we embrace part time work. Please include your experience, qualifications and a brief note about why you would like to teach with us, and we will be in touch soon.

Please note that all Red Star Teachers:

  • Require suitable experience and qualifications, or established pursuits to achieve them
  • Require ACT Working with Vulnerable People background checking
  • Require 100% conformance with the Red Star Code of Conduct and our individualised learning approach

Red Star Academy of Speech and Drama - Code of Conduct

  • Red Star classes are parent and carer free zones, with the exception of planned presentations and performances. All students excel when left largely to their own devices and aspirations, which is particularly critical in creative communication pursuits such as speech and drama and public speaking. Red Star studios are always close to car parking and teachers will happily refer parents, carers or partners to great local coffee shops.
  • Red Star students arrive for classes on time and assist with class wind-down time when Teachers indicate that the final minutes of a class have arrived.
  • Parents or carers assist by discussing appropriate behaviours and time management with students while travelling to classes, by arriving with students on time, waiting before entering studios for prior classes to complete and being ready to guide students away from classes on time.
  • Poor behaviour is never punished negatively, nor are any issues of falling behind or failing to learn lines. If a student is unable to participate in classes or performances as a result of any of these issues, alternative arrangements are explored. If students cause distractions in classes or behave poorly, alternative tasks are provided temporarily and parents or carers are engaged regarding future solutions. Students should never be forced to come to Red Star classes. Our classes are to be enjoyed.
  • We embrace all individual creativity and expression that comes with the art forms of speech and drama and public speaking – including differences of opinion. There are no arguments regarding differences of opinion during Red Star classes. Specifically, no political, religious or other areas of personal freedom are discussed or challenged. Differences of opinion are simply accepted and classes move on.
  • We are 100% inclusive and welcome all students from all backgrounds and abilities. If individual needs or behaviours make it untenable for standard classes to occur we happily consider personalised solutions with parents or carers.
  • Mutual respect is key at all times across all ages in Red Star classes. This includes mutual respect between students, teachers, parents or carers and providers such as venue operators, photographers or production assistants. If a dispute arises the principal makes a fair decision in the interests of all parties. Any decision of the principal is final.
  • Respect is shown to all studio or performance venues, all props and personal items. If breakages occur students may be charged for repairs or replacement costs depending on the circumstances. The principal makes a fair decision in the interests of all parties. Any decision of the principal in this regard is also final.
  • Highly individualised learning, goal setting and performance opportunities are available to all Red Star students. Red Star teachers actively observe and work with students (and parents or carers) to understand individual student goals, needs, current and potential abilities. Red Star students intrinsically set high expectations for themselves and know that they are capable of achieving of them.