Our Classes

  • Red Star classes are energising, expressive and empowering. We are unique as we focus on the individual journey of each and every student. We also teach through osmosis, which means that our classes fly by while experiential learning occurs.
  • Imaginations are sparked, laughter erupts, speech becomes articulate, empathy forms, communication, physical presence, movement and natural deportment skills emerge for life. A Red Star student’s learning journey is especially unique - as put simply – it is all about you!
  • We also offer programs to corporate groups by special arrangement via info@redstars.com.au.

Red Stars offers adult classes and multi-age classes for children, as children and teens learn exceptionally well in these environments. Children love to observe and mimic older children, and to assist younger buddies.

  • If your child is confident as an older child in a group and enjoys helping other children they are ready to be an older child in their Red Stars class - ie a six year old in Red Star Minis (3 – 6 years)
  • If your child is more confident observing in a group and enjoys learning from older peers or extending themselves, they are ready to be a younger child in their Red Stars class - ie a six year old in Red Star Rascals (6 – 9 years)
  • Red Star teachers will happily provide information about a child’s readiness for movement between classes based on individual observations