About Us

Welcome to Canberra’s Red Star Academy of Speech and Drama, where individual learning shines!

We offer Canberra kids, teens, adults and professional actors speech and drama classes, public speaking courses, workshops and tailored corporate programs.

We also offer private appointments via Skype for interstate and international students.

Who do we teach?

We offer a complete suite of speech and drama and public speaking classes for all students from age three throughout adulthood:

  • For children and teens we offer weekly fun, creative classes to enhance confidence and build communication and team skills like thinking on your feet
  • For public speakers we offer weekly classes, individually tailored courses, private coaching and workshops held over two half days, all based on best practice adult education methods
  • For professional and aspiring actors we offer weekly private, diploma and small group professional classes to develop individually tailored techniques, prepare for auditions, eisteddfods and performances

When and where do we teach?

  • Mondays are at Telopea Park from 3:30 to 4:30pm
  • Tuesdays are at Forrest from 3:15 to 4:15pm
  • Thursdays are back at Telopea Park from 3:30 to 4:30pm and wait listing from 5:30 - 6:30pm
  • Fridays are in Weston Creek from 3:15 to 4:15pm (or a 3:30pm start for students joining from outside the school)
  • Sundays are wait listing in Civic
  • We also offer classes on-site for new schools and corporate clients
  • If you would like us to come to you, please contact us via info@redstars.com.au

How do we teach?

Our commitment to individualised learning means that each Red Star student will be personally observed and taught according to their individual learning needs and specific goals. Classes will differ from week-to-week, predominantly leveraging the Trinity College London syllabus. Individual learning experiences within classes will also differ, as they will be tailored to the needs of each individual student across the full course of the learning year.

  • All Red Star speech and drama programs (private and groups) involve vocal warm-ups, voice projection work, facial muscle and tehnical speech work, breathing practise, improvisation, character expression, mime, movement, rehearsal of performances and for older children and adults – sight reading of prose and poetry. Each student is given personal observation and feedback time. For children this will occur with both the child and parents or carers (outside of class time).
  • All Red Star public speaking courses and workshops involve the identification of individual strengths and fears, development of specific techniques for the individual Red Star Public Speaking Tool Box, lots of safe practise, private feedback and coaching. We also offer programs to corporate groups by special arrangement, by contacting us via info@redstars.com.au
  • Red Stars offers multi-age classes for children and teens, who learn exceptionally well in these environments. Children love to observe and mimic older children, and to assist younger buddies.
    • If your child is confident as an older child in a group and enjoys helping other children they are ready to be an older child in their Red Stars class - ie a six year old in Red Star Minis (3 – 6 years)
    • If your child is more confident observing in a group and enjoys learning from older peers or extending themselves, they are ready to be a younger child in their Red Stars class - ie a six year old in Red Star Rascals (6 – 9 years)
    • Red Star teachers will happily provide information about a child’s readiness for movement between classes based on individual observations

Who are we?

  • Our Founding Director achieved her Speech and Drama Teaching Diploma from Trinity College London (1998); holds an adult education qualification in workplace assessment and training (2003); and a post-graduate qualification in Human Resources Management (2016)
  • She now teaches across ACT public and private schools, has designed and taught public speaking at an independent community college; has extensive experience leading, developing and coaching people in small to large teams (up to 250 nationally); chaired the Board of an independent school, performed Interim CEO to an education peak body and runs the Red Star Academy of Speech and Drama here in Canberra, and online via video for those afar
  • The academy is an organisational member of Drama Australia, ACTDA and our Founding Director is a professional member of the worldwide teacher support group of Trinity College London
  • She opened the academy to offer individualised learning opportunities for Canberra students (and now online via video across borders) in the areas of speech and drama and public speaking, including the opportunity to work toward examinations by Trinity College London (right through to
  • Diploma levels in teaching, performance or public speaking) and / or to achieve Red Star certification along the way
  • All Red Star teachers offer individually tailored learning opportunities for all students, adhere to our Code of Conduct and pass Working with Vulnerable People background checks
  • The Red Star Academy of Speech and Drama is 100% inclusive and welcomes all students from all backgrounds and abilities
  • The National Disability Insurance Scheme may also assist with the cost of classes depending on your individual circumstances, please contact them directly for enquiries

What about class presentations and annual productions?

  • Prepared performance provides for intrinsic confidence all throughout life, so all Red Star students come together to perform as members of informal class presentations, and the annual Red Star Production. Class presentations are arranged class by class throughout the year, during class times.
  • Red Star performances are about students achieving a sense of achievement and pride in their work, their progress and family and friends enjoying those moments alongside them. They are never about perfection. Instead, they are about safe creative expression, fun and sharing the journey that each individual student is taking at the time. Students are enabled and supported to feel proud of themselves across all ranges of capability.
  • Small ticket fees are sought for the annual Red Star Production to cover expenses, which are kept low. Fees cover venue hire, basic set design (such as painted backdrops, basic stage furniture or props – often simply borrowed from the academy community) and basic costumes (such as professional on-site face painting, animal tails, one clothing item or headwear to complement “rehearsal blacks”)

What about eisteddfods and auditions or photos to build a professional portfolio?

  • Our Founding Director will happily work with students individually to prepare for eisteddfods, auditions, parts in productions and / or to develop specific technical skills or character portrayals
  • We can connect you with exceptional local artists to present your unique edge in a highly professional portfolio, including character preparation, set design and striking make-up
  • We are also members of multiple local screening organsations and ACTDA, the ACT arm of Drama Australia

What about certificates, awards and qualifications?

Red Star students can work toward the achievement of Certificates, Grades and Diplomas (performance, teaching or public speaking) from Trinity College London, qualifications that are recognised by universities and other academic institutions across the world. Find out more here.

We also offer students Red Star Certification:

  • Red for completion of 2-3 terms with the Academy
  • Bronze for completion of 4-5 terms and participation in one Red Star performance
  • Silver for completion of 6-8 terms and participation in two or more Red Star performances
  • Gold for 3 years or more with us and contribution to three or more Red Star performances
  • Platinum for exceptional studentship with the Academy and excellence in multiple Red Star performances
  • Red Star Public Speakers for completion of a full public speaking program or workshop